You might have heard about Michelin and Pirelli often.

However, Bridgestone tyres are something we will be discussing. Regarding performance, quality and price, Bridgestone gives head-to-head competition to top tyres brands. And the world needs to know about it.

So, if you have been looking to buy Bridgestone tyres for your car, read this guide to learn about their tyres collection.

So, let’s dive in.

Overview of Bridgestone Tyres

Originating in Japan, Bridgestone is named after its founder Shojiro Ishibashi where Ishibashi means Stone Bridge. As per Statista, Bridgestone is one of the largest tyres sellers worldwide, beating the luxury brands like Pirelli and Michelin.

Moreover, Bridgestone's next generation flat run tyre line, DriveGuard line, is popular amongst car lovers as it gives up to 50 miles run when it gets flat.  Thanks to their Enlighten technology, their tyres are 10% lighter than other passenger tyres in the market.

Why Bridgestone?

  • Continuous Innovation

Bridgestone is deeply invested in continuously improving the quality of tyres and conducts regular experiments. Since Bridgestone is a multinational company, they have dedicated quality control processes to ensure high-quality tyres.

  • Warranty

Bridgestone's tyres have two options for every customer. The first is the three-year guarantee plan, and the other is the three-year plan with a validity of 65,000 miles.

  • Price

Compared to luxury tyres brands like Michelin and Pirelli, Bridgestone provides tyres at a lower cost without compromising the quality.

  • Value

The tyres are worth every penny as they last longer than cheap tyres and provide excellent performance across all terrains.

  • Sustainability

Bridgestone is committed to sustainability and managed to reduce the tyre’s rolling resistance by 21% between 2005 and 2018. As a result, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions were reduced, which was better for the environment. The tyres are also lighter to reduce material resources used during production.

Tyres Offered By Bridgestone

  1. Well Balanced Performance

Our well-balanced tyres have an incredible response than all the preceding models. Enhanced with smart street-style performance, they make longer rides seem the utmost comfort.

The tyre is an effortless combination of speed stability, subtle road noise, safety for sedans and safety sports coupes, and handling.

The Key Features Include the following:

  • Supremely stiff breaker Cords
  • Large Shoulder blocks
  • Shorter braking blocks
  • Flatter Tread Profile

The tyre's wider grooves contribute to minimizing the risk of lost control over wet and slippery surfaces through the active removal of water from the tyre's path in a quick manner. The MRT (Multi Radius Tread) design employs multiple radii that help better pressure deployment.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

Our fuel-efficient tyres offer nanoparticle technology that safeguards against excessive heating and comes with low-rolling resistance quality that offers incredible fuel economy. The main grooves (straight) mobilize efficient water dispersing from beneath while improving wet grips. The tyre offers amazing control and handling, initiated by O-Bead integrated technology.

The tyre tread pattern has been optimised uniquely to accelerate better road grip, enhancing braking and cornering capabilities. There are also adaptations for high void grip and micro adaptive compounds perfect for wet and dry grips, paving the way for a comfortable and cosy ride.

  1. On and Off-Road

For off-road wheels, gripping on dry and wet roads is mandatory, besides other factors like puncture resistance, load ratings of vehicles, off-road grips and others.

Our off-road tyres can carry vehicles over boulders, rocks, dirt, sand, snow, mud, and all through irregular and uneven patterns. For the purpose of better resistance to punctures, the tyres also have reinforced sidewalls.

The wheel rotates while having minimum contact with the road and short tread life. For apt performance on trails and surfaces, it comes with rubber compounds.


  1. CUV and SUV tyres

Our tyres are designed to help you explore the encounter better for all the challenging and exciting terrains. It has versatile performance capabilities, giving you the confidence to take up roads and paths that are less travelled.

A few SUV tyres offer smoother highway rides; some are uniquely engineered to help you easily experience bumpy terrains. These tyres have adapted to the qualities of long life and toughness with uniquely-made tread patterns and rubber compounds. From highway performance tyres and everyday commutes to versatile terrains, these get you covered for all.

  1. Performance Tyres

For all drivers looking for ultimate thrilling rides, we have the best-performing tyres engineered per your needs. It features rubber compounds and special tread patterns. Our range of performance tyres comes with extreme precision, winning control, high traction, and responsiveness. Altogether, it makes everyday driving just better. To explore performance vehicles and sports car limits, our tires are the best answer.

  1. Comfort and Quiet Tyres

The comfort and quiet tyre range was developed, keeping luxury tourism in consideration. With minimal sacrifice handling and improved comfort, it allows you to sit and enjoy a quiet, comfortable and peaceful ride while cautious through wet and dry lands for a safe and comfortable ride.

There’s plenty of grip in vertices and corners that are highly responsive to steering wheel inputs. The braking distance and speed stability are just excellent. Regardless of the driving speed, the noise is extremely low to zero.

  1. Dependable Passenger Tyres

Bridgestone’s dependable passenger tyres come with wide shoulder grooves for excellent dry handling, high and low-angle slots for efficient wet and dry handling, ply control on sidewalls for providing resistance over hazardous roads, optimised 3D block shapes to enhance constructability and stiffness and winding grooves for stimulated hydroplaning.

For all such excellent features, dependable passenger tyres are the answer.

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