Electric vehicles

  • Last Post 11 July 2020
itsjoasom posted this 11 July 2020

Hello, can someone clarify to me if these types of cars use an obd 2 protocol? PHEVs,EVs, Hydrogen fuel cell and/ or hybrid vehicles. Thank you

inCarDoc posted this 11 July 2020

This depends on “good will” of the manufacturer. Formally OBD-II required to control emission, so EV does not obliged to have OBD-II support. Have no details about Hydrogen, but expect the same. Hybrid usually supports OBD-II, at lest all emission related parameters.

Note that most of modern cars support CAN-bus, so the data could be retrieved via ELM327. The only trouble, that each manufacturer is using own non-public protocols and parameter sets. And it’s quite a hard work to collect data for reading EV or Hydrogen parameters for each make/model.