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The history and evolution of the Acura Integra

Administrator posted this 16 January 2024

For fans of cars, Acura Integra - is not just a car. This is a legendary sports compact that, like a phoenix, rises from the ashes in 2024 to win back the hearts of motorists. Let’s immerse ourselves in the history and evolution of this automobile icon and understand how it is compared to its competitors in an exciting category of luxury small cars.

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Top Acura Division Cars

Administrator posted this 26 July 2022

Acura Division is the North American division of the Japanese concern Honda. The main difference between Acura cars and similar Honda models is their sporty appearance and a higher level of serial configuration. 

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TLX Type S models are the key to the success of the new Honda Acura sedan

Administrator posted this 11 June 2020

Honda Acura presented a bright, beautiful, stylish and bright sedan and most importantly the new 2021 Acura TLX. Pre-sales will begin this fall. The debut of the sedan took place after a ten-year break, and therefore the car became a representative of the second generation of the brand.

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