Why is it important to carry out computer diagnostics of the car?

Administrator posted this 08 April 2019

Modern cars are high-tech and almost completely computerized. If the search for problems in old cars took time, special knowledge and numerous tools, today everything is a little easier. Thanks to computer diagnostics, the problem can be detected at the earliest stages, and moreover, it can be solved on the spot.

Computers control a variety of vehicle systems by collecting and transmitting data from sensors. They use data to fine tune the combustion process with the right amount of gasoline and the right ignition times to ensure efficient, clean combustion for good power, economy, and low pollution.

It's a very complex system. In case of failure of computer systems, it is urgent to contact highly qualified specialists. 

How does the diagnostic test work?  

Using a special device or adapter elm 327 you connect to the on-Board computer, your device (for example, an application on your smartphone) starts diagnostics, reading and analyzing the operation of computer systems, chips, and sensors. 

When do I need to scan a car?  

If you operate the car every day, it is advisable to run a check once a week. If the car you need only for long trips or you don’t overcome a large mileage on it, checks can be carried out less often. But, after a long idle car in the garage or in the Parking lot, it is strongly recommended running a check, especially if you are going to travel on it. 

The main advantages of scanning car errors through InCarDoc 

  • Identifying the root cause of a potential problem

  • Fast and accurate evaluation of electronic auto systems

  • Scanning of all onboard indicators

  • Does not require a full check of the car

  • Ensuring long-term productivity

  • The elimination of the detected problems (some errors can be reset in place) without going to service centers

  • Peace of mind for the car owner

  • Financial savings

However, there are more than 3000 common fault codes, in addition to the manufacturer's specific codes, and not all of them indicate a clear solution to the problem. Therefore, it is not necessary to lose vigilance. Treat your car carefully, and it will serve you for many years.