What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

Administrator posted this 21 June 2022

Every driver has at least once encountered a situation when a lamp began to burn, indicating an engine malfunction. 

This lamp lights up only for a couple of minutes at the time of the start of the car, after which it goes into inactive mode. 

Today, modern cars have in their arsenal a lot of additional sensors that are placed on the dashboard and help the motorist to monitor the serviceability of his vehicle. The indicator of stable and serviceable operation of the engine is the Check engine malfunction light. The burning check of the engine when the car is moving is already the first sign — of an engine malfunction. In this case, you should not panic and immediately go to the service station, since most of the cases associated with a faulty engine sensor can be eliminated independently or using a mobile application for auto diagnostics. 

The engine indicator light is an important factor in car operation

Attention to detail when driving a car plays a big role. A malfunction noticed in time and a burning indicator can not only protect the car itself from breakdowns. There are several main reasons for the continuous indicator engine:

  • poor fuel quality; 
  • ignition warning light engine malfunctions misfires; 
  • breakdown in the car ignition coil; 
  • malfunctions and breakdowns in candles;
  • oxygen intake.

In some cases, physical elimination of the error is required, such as coil replacement), in other cases, software intervention.

The inCarDoc application is an advanced solution for auto diagnostics

inCarDoc is currently one of the most advanced and accurate tools for car diagnostics. This is one of the best OBD software for iOS and Android platforms. inCarDoc shows all the parameters of the engine and car in real-time: 

  • speed;
  • the angle of rotation;
  • temperature;
  • pressure and other sensor indicators.

This application allows you to draw graphs with the information received in real-time. If desired, you can delete or save error codes and all related data. Also, it is possible to send reports by e-mail to the service station. 

Application features that help drivers navigate in the process of car operation:

  • Real-time reading of engine and car operation parameters; 
  • Reading of "Check engine" errors and saved parameters;
  • Error Cleaning (Check Engine, MIL);
  • Viewing and sending saved parameter traces;
  • GPS support for linking parameters to the track;
  • Console mode for manual input of OBD-II commands and adapter settings.

Having determined the main causes of the engine control lamp, you can safely get behind the wheel of your car, knowing that the inspection was carried out on time. The signal from the control sensor should not be ignored. Today, with the help of a mobile application, everything is possible, including car diagnostics at any time. Therefore inCarDoc is an advanced solution that allows the driver to solve the problem of engine failure independently