The Second Generation of Renault Captur Comes in 2019

Administrator posted this 06 November 2019

The New "Capture" unveiled the prices for French auto-market, yesterday (5.11.2019). The orders were launched on the 5th of November, the price tag is €18 600 and more (depends on car’s supplies and optional equipment). The max price, for drivers in French, is €32 000 – for the car in the finish “Initiale Paris”, Diesel Blue dCi 115 EDC.

The production line is relatively new, and the first generation was realized in 2013, before that the concept had been shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. There are two different versions of the first generation Captur each built on its platform and based on Renault Clio or Nissan Juke. As well as the second-generation does.

1st Gen. Renault Captur

2nd Gen. Renault Captur




  • 0.9 L H4Bt I3 TCe (petrol)
  • 1.2 L H5Ft I4 TCe (petrol)
  • 1.5 L K9K I4 dCi (diesel)
  • 5-speed manual
  • 6-speed automatic
  • 1.0 L TCe 100, TCe 130, 1.3 L TCe 155 (Petrol)
  • Blue dCi 95 & Blue 1.5 L dCi 115 (Diesel)
  • Hybrid (firstly)
  • 5-speed manual automatic



  • Wheelbase 2 606 mm
  • L-th 4 122 mm
  • W-th 1 778 mm
  • H-th 1 567 mm
  • Wheelbase 2 630 mm
  • L-th 4 230 mm
  • W-th 1800 mm
  • H-th 1 593 mm


  • Front-WD and Font-Engine
  • Front-WD, 4WD and Font-Engine



  • 190 Nm (1.2 L – petrol)
  • 260 Nm (1.5 L - diesel)
  • 160 Nm (1.0 L - petrol)
  • 270 Nm (1.5 L - diesel)

The enlarged size is one of the crucial features of the new model, which provides users with streamlined comfort and area. In addition to increased space for passengers, the trunk of the car has grown significantly. A double bottom luggage’s compartment, and retractable rear seats enable additional liters of loading.

The second reason which attracts drivers is the price. Even the first generation in this lineup was remembered as the cheapest SUV with good performance. Standard equipment has been updated, the price of the car increases depending on the finish and the optional features. There are 5 types of the car’s finishing, namely LIFE, ZEN, BUSINESS, INTENSE, INITIALE PARIS.

There are two engines and three power outputs if you go for petrol, one diesel (two power outputs), and a hybrid engine.

  • 1.0-litre 99bhp
  • 1.3-litre turbo with either 128 or 153bhp
  • 1.5-litre dCi 4-cylinder diesel engine with 95bhp or 115bhp
  • The 1.6-liter petrol engine, an electric motor and a 9.8kWh battery pack

Updates, without a doubt, have affected the interior, multimedia system, practicality and passive safety of the car. The improvement of previous functions and the implementation of new ones significantly expanded the capabilities of the car and increased its reliability, in particular, taking another step towards Autonomous driving.