Lexus LC Convertiable

Administrator posted this 17 April 2020

LEXUS LC CONVERTIBLE is a beautiful and stylish car. Lexus strives to create the most beautiful convertible in the world and the company is going to success. They again embody sportiness and elegance. The task of the designers was to develop a new design preserving the traditions of the LC coupe. Special attention was paid to the tension of the soft top to ensure a smooth surface, and the frame and other elements are perfectly hidden, so the roof has a clean and elegant conical shape.

The designers were able to lower the roof as low as possible, and thus avoided the usual flat appearance of the platform

In addition, the bulkiness of the rear part of the body was minimized. In a convertible, the cab is more open to view and more closely related to the exterior design of the car. Lexus sought to create a perfect sense of integrity for the exterior and interior of the LC convertible, using innovative colour coordination, enhancing the model's distinctive character and bold design.