How to choose a car for a large family

Administrator posted this 26 May 2022

According to statistics, many people have difficulties answering the question of which car to buy for the family. As a rule, it is quite difficult to choose a car. It is argued that the auto market is full of various cars. From characteristics from different price categories. The main thing is to determine for yourself the key points in choosing the best car for the family. It should be understood that the reliability of the body, power elements, and the car, in general, are the main factors when choosing a suitable car. Finding the best combinations of all the necessary characteristics of a car for a family is not an easy task. Suitable cars for a large family are two types:

  • estate;
  • crossovers.

The difficulty lies in the fact that not every car from the category will suit everyone. Firstly, some models are focused on families with three family members, or vice versa, too large cars. Let's name several car models, classifications, and technical characteristics:


This class of cars is worth attention. Buying a crossover is as close to the ideal option as possible, which combines a large amount of space, an extensive trunk, as well as ground clearance. It will allow you to move not only around the city but also outside it. There are many options for every taste, including compact, medium-sized, and full-size SUVs.

  • Today, the Renault Duster impresses with the amount of new equipment. It is available in 4 trim levels, including, for the first time for Duster, a new maximum configuration. All new options confirm that the driver and all passengers will travel in comfort. In addition, the Duster can accommodate a lot of things in the cabin thanks to the increased number of storage spaces. This car is ideal for a large family, as it is distinguished by its economy and reliability. 
  • ŠKODA KODIAQ is offered with three engines to choose from, front or all-wheel drive, manual or automatic transmission, and in addition, the car can be customized for different driving conditions. This is the first 7-seater car of the Czech brand and the largest car in its modern history. All the technical characteristics of the Skoda Kodiak are aimed at making the crossover as comfortable as possible. 

Estate cars 

Cars of the "Universal" category are less often bought out of the salon. The lesser popularity of station wagons is groundless since for a reasonable price you get a spacious interior. This is an excellent and profitable option for a family purchase. 

  • Every year, the CUE company replenishes its model ranges. Recently, Kia has officially introduced a new crossover built based on the third-generation hatchback Ceed - Xceed. In the line of the South Korean brand, the car took a place between the Stonic and Sportage models. From other representatives of the current Kia Ceed family, the novelty differs in a completely different front part of the body with modified headlamps and a radiator grille of a different shape.
  • Opel has carried out a small restyling of the Opel Astra family of models. The Opel Astra five-door hatchback and the Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2019-2020 station wagon have acquired an aerodynamically optimized body, more advanced electronic equipment, a reconfigured suspension, and, most importantly, a completely new engine range. This car is ideal for family trips. The Opel Astra, which survived the restyling, retained the previous interior architecture, but at the same time got hold of more modern equipment.