Car maintenance and its advantages

Administrator posted this 07 June 2022

Vehicle maintenance is a whole range of preventive measures. They are aimed at preventing car breakdowns. Car maintenance is an important event that helps prolong the car's operation, protect it from accidents, and use fuel and technical fluids sparingly. Mechanisms will work in the proper mode, provide high safety to the driver, and at the same time, the car will behave perfectly on the road. 

Varieties of the

Several options include:

  • Daily diagnostics. It is carried out by the motorist independently before the trip;
  • Maintenance must be carried out after the vehicle has been purchased. This way you can avoid costly repairs in the future;
  • Seasonal. This type of maintenance should be carried out after a certain period;
  • Service. This kind of thing is one of the most popular.

Experienced drivers know that all dashboard signals are critical and continuous neglect of the error can lead to an acute problem. Finally, the repair will cost ten times higher.  

Check the levels of all liquids - the help for their inspection and maintenance is specified in the car manual.

First of all, it is motor oil, which reduces friction in the engine and prevents excessive wear. The same function is performed by the transmission oil, adhesion fluid, and differential fluid. You should keep it in order and periodically clean its filters.  Do not forget to check and replenish the cooling fluid of the radiator, hydraulic booster, brake fluid, and windscreen washer.

It is important to understand that full diagnostics are carried out by specialists at the service station. To visit, it is necessary every six months. But the older your car is, the more it must be maintained and inspected. The quality of service directly affects life. Even at 13 years old, your Honda or BMW can enjoy stable engine performance. 

Modern technology solutions have opened the possibility of diagnostics of car's systems through a smartphone. 

Passing a maintenance checklist can be surprisingly easy. The guide contains a lot of information and instructions on "how to check" the car for problems. You have to do it yourself as much as possible. InCarDoc will help. The application for car diagnostics is a program for diagnosing cars according to OBD2 standards. inCarDoc is a mobile application for Android/iOS that connects to the vehicle's onboard computer using OBD-II via Bluetooth/Wifi (regardless of the protocol and brand of the car).

With the help of inCarDoc, you can learn more about your car!

The developers of the application have created it convenient and easy to use. With the help of inCarDoc, you can view the parameters of the car and engine in real-time. Including:

  • Real-time reading of engine and car operation parameters: speed, RPM, pressure, fuel consumption.
  • Reading "Check engine" errors and saved parameters.
  • Error Cleaning (Check Engine, MIL).

Also, a PRO version of the application is available with which the driver can:

  • Record real-time parameters in the background;
  • Display, read, and write multiple parameters simultaneously;
  • View and forward saved trace parameters;
  • To link the parameters to the route (by GPS);
  • All data can be forwarded to the website;
  • The parameters can be displayed over the windows of other applications.

All data can be displayed as a digital or arrow scale or graph. 

The website, will give access to handy info about the OBD-II protocol. Visitors of the site can read newsб articles and ask questions on the forum regarding the work of the application and technical characteristics of cars. 

Vehicle diagnostics is an important event that requires mandatory implementation. Drivers can carry out such events through service stations or using an application for car diagnostics. Ultimately, the driver can be completely confident that his car is working properly.