Benefits of on-board diagnostics apps - inCarDoc

Administrator posted this 07 June 2023

Applications for car diagnostics from year to year are increasingly in demand. Being a company with advanced experience, PNN Soft has introduced a mobile application for car diagnostics, which is still relevant. inCarDoc has become one of the best apps on the market, and has repeatedly been included in the top apps in the Google Play category. Throughout its operation, it has provided drivers with many tools for effectively diagnosing a car. Today, inCarDoc continues to evolve with cutting-edge applications.

In this article, we will highlight all the features of the application, its privileges, and also talk about the main points of the new update.

Car control with inCarDoc

InCarDoc is a mobile engine diagnostics app for Android and iOS. It allows you to directly control the processes of the car and receive various information from the OBD2 connected to it, as well as use internal GPS sensors to display other information. Its functionality includes: visual graphs, recording, viewing, and playback of recorded data in real time. It allows you to view trouble codes (DTC), data and other information about the car. 

Benefits of inCarDoc

  • Control Panel
  • Saving data
  • Reading Stored and Pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • View errors
  • Reading and clearing stored data
  • Support for fault code definitions
  • Reliable alert system
  • Data export

Today, the developers of the application have worked hard on its functionality to make it one of the most advanced and accurate tools for diagnosing OBD2 cars. Of course, the application is designed for daily use. With its help, the driver can detect engine errors at an early stage, and contact specialists to solve additional problems.

Extensive opportunities for OBD2 diagnostics

The developers of the application have made several important improvements to the user experience. They will improve the efficiency of the service.

During the update, the developers improved the functionality of the Dashboard page, and also simplified the navigation and tracking of the main functions. The real-time adapter connection status is now more reliable. In addition, the user gets:

  • The ability to enable / disable the background work of the “Economizer” from the settings page
  • Convenient sending of user reviews and reports with log files
  • Changed and added work with the “Black List”
  • Improved search for the desired command
  • Added description of PID codes to the “Black List” for easier search and navigation.
  • Configured data calculation for Imperial (miles, US gallons) and Imperial 2 (miles, UK gallons).
  • The calculation of mode 01 commands has been modernized.
  • Improved performance and application flexibility

The portal also describes a lot of useful information about the OBD-II protocol and the application. Recall once again that the application for diagnosing a car inCarDoc is available for users of Android and iPhone devices. In addition, a PRO version of the application is available, which offers additional features for drivers. Namely:

  • recording real-time parameters;
  • reading, displaying and writing multiple parameters at the same time;
  • recording parameters in the background;
  • viewing and sending saved parameter traces;
  • GPS support for linking parameters to the track; 
  • console mode for manual entry of codes and more.

You can learn about this and much more by visiting the web service. Check out the new app update as well.