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Administrator posted this 19 April 2022

The steady rise in fuel prices has prompted many motorists to consider replacing large and "voracious" vehicles. More and more motorists pay attention to small and economical cars. One of the representatives of which is the Smart car. Mainly, the low cost of these copies gained such popularity compared to more expensive cars. To date, many car manufacturers have created Smart model rows that attract more and more attention. 

What are the features of the Smart design?

The design of Smart is unusual, most of the hinged body panels. The body frame itself is a very strong protective capsule of the interior and in many cases is painted in a different color, different from the rest of the body parts. Under the usual hood, the motor is not located, it is installed in the rear of the car under the raised floor in the trunk. At the same time, the hood does not open, it is made of a monolithic body part with a front bumper and wings. Under the ventilation grilles near the wipers, the filler necks of the coolant tank and the windshield washer are hidden. The battery is located in the car under the passenger seat. For the convenience of boarding the driver and his passenger, the doors to the Smart are large enough.

Let's examine the model of the Smart convertible and the reasons why the convertible is the most practical

The main difference between the Cabrio version is the soft folding top, which can be folded either partially or completely with the help of an electric drive. Secondly, the Smart Cabrio cannot be regarded as an ordinary car. Firstly, it is not only a means of transportation but also a real art object (or a way of self-expression).

What are the advantages of this car? 

  • the attention of others; 

  • compactness and maneuverability; 

  • fuel consumption; 

  • dynamics of movement; 

  • peculiar spaciousness.

One of Smart

This year introduced several new "smart" cars. One of the representatives, a car developed together with Mercedes-Benz and Geely. Serial Smart Number 1 is based on last year’s concept. The designers adopted the look of their predecessors, but with some adjustments. Of course, Mercedes-Benz was responsible for the lizain concept. The crossover received:

  • teardrop-shaped matrix headlights; 

  • similarly shaped lights;

  • frameless doors are hidden in the body of an electric handle.

The rear-wheel-drive first Smart is equipped with a single electric motor. It develops an unusual 272 horsepower and 343 Nm of torque for the brand. The car provides 420-440 kilometers of power reserve. Therefore, this car can be considered an actual choice for urban roads.